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The Gifts of Christmas

By Helen Schucman

Christ passes no one by. By this you know
He is God's Son. You recognize His touch
In universal gentleness. His Love
Extends to everyone. His eyes behold
The Love of God in everything He sees.
No words but those His Father's Voice dictates
Can reach His ears. His hands forever hold
His brothers', and His arms remain outstretched
In holy welcome. Would you look on Him,
And hear Him calling you this Christmas day?

Behold, He offers you His eyes to see,
His ears to listen to His Father's Voice,
His hands to hold His brothers', and His arms
To reach to Him as He would reach to you.
You are as like to Him as He to God,
And you to God because you are like Him.
All that He offers you is but your own.
Accept His gifts to you this Christmas day,
That you who are as God created you,
May come to recognize the Christ in you.