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Christmas Gift

Steven Zeilke

Christmas gift under the tree
What, oh what, will you bring for me?
A moment of joy,
A moment of glee?
Oh, Christmas gift, under the tree.

Christmas gift, under the tree
You glimmer and glitter fancifully,
But will your tinseled joy
Like its wrapping fair
Vanish soon like dust in the air?
Oh Christmas gift, under the tree.

Christmas gift, beyond the tree,
I long for life and truth in Thee.
I look beyond life's trinkets and gold,
A gift much greater to behold.
Oh Christmas gift beyond the tree.

Oh Jesus, Jesus hung on a tree--
Your gift was Your life, given for me.
Help me this Christmas and every day
To give to others as You gave in every way,
And become Your gift under someone's tree.