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The Glory of Christmas

By Laverne Riley O'Brien

Give thanks to the baby asleep in the hay,
For it's Jesus Who gave us our first Christmas Day.
A king in disguise, God sent Him to men,
Revealed to our hearts, He comes again.

Lord of the galaxies as well as our earth,
A hymn of the Universe celebrates His birth.
He gives us His Spirit, His kingdom's within,
His peace can be ours by believing in Him.

His truth is a flame that ignites young souls,
He is comfort to men for whom the bell tolls,
He restores an image both marred and grown dim,
He's a constant wonder to those who love Him.

As we wrap up our presents to give them away,
We do this because of that First Christmas Day,
When the Lord of all glory and beauty and wealth,
Came to earth as a Baby to give us Himself.