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"God Bless Us Everyone!"

Author unknown

"God bless us everyone!" prayed Tiny Tim,
Crippled, & dwarfed of body, yet so tall
Of soul, we tiptoe Earth to look on him,
High towering over all.

He loved the loveless World, nor dreamed indeed
That it, at best, could give to him, the while,
But pitying glances, when his only need
Was but a cheery smile.

And thus he prayed, "God bless us every one!"--
Enfolding all the creeds within the span
Of his child-heart; & so, despising none,
Was nearer saint than man.

I like to fancy God, in Paradise,
Lifting a finger o'er the rhythmic swing
Of chiming harp & song, with eager eyes
Turned earthward, listening--

The Anthem stilled--the Angels leaning there
Above the golden walls--the morning sun
Of Christmas bursting flower-like with the prayer,
"God bless us every one!"