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I Give Myself

By Shannon Richards

Dear Jesus, on this Christmas Eve,
I give myself to you.
I don't have much
But I'll give my all,
And try to start anew.

I want this day to make a mark
In my life from this time on;
A seal of love
Between You and me--Love that carries me along.

I pray I won't let a single day pass
Without doing a loving deed.
The service that counts
Is the service that costs
And that gives to those in need.

You were a sample of this love
From the day You were born 'til You died
You loved me so much
You gave all the way,
And for me You were crucified.

I can't even try to give as You did;
I never could pay You back.
But whatever You ask
I will do cheerfully;
I know this is simply my task.

Now all of my life is only Yours.
You deserve every beat of my heart.
Of my every word
And my every thought
I want You to be a part.

You've given so much,
It's beyond my dreams
And I don't think I'll ever see
How One like You
Who owns all the world,
Would give it all up just for me.

Now I come, on this day of Your birth,
And in gratefulness for all You've done,
I give You all of my heart
And all of my life.
I'll forever be Yours alone.