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Christmas is ...

Christmas is when love is king,
And love can do most anything!
—Author unknown

Christmas is a time for merriment of heart. It's a time to reflect with thanksgiving on all the good the past year has brought. It's a time to be grateful for the love Heaven has sent into our lives.—Maria Fontaine

Christmas is not made special by presents, decorations, and parties, but by what we give to Jesus and to others from our hearts. Giving from our hearts demonstrates true gratitude and appreciation for all God has given us.—Alex Peterson

Christmas is a season of sharing moments and memories that will be cherished for years to come.—Shannon Richards

Christmas is the time to celebrate the day that the Creator of the universe sent His greatest gift to the world in the form of a weak and helpless baby. With that baby came a message of love, hope, and salvation for all people everywhere.—Michael Roy

Christmas is one time of the year when God manages to get more of the world's attention as our thoughts turn to the "miracle of the manger," Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.—Rohit Kumar

Christmas is ultimately a celebration of God's love for each of us.—Casey Parker

Why not have a birthday party for Me this year? Sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus," make a cake, blow out the candles, and tell Me how much you love Me. After all, Christmas is My birthday!—Jesus

A mother's love for her baby boy,
A sacrifice to bring others joy,
A father's care for one not his own,
A message sent from a royal throne,
A seeming wrong that was turned to right,
An angel's song in the dark of night,
A prophet's vision at last fulfilled,
A miracle because God had willed,
A gift of love from a caring heart,
A bringing together what was apart,
A reaching out to comprehend
How another felt by a sincere friend,
A seeking soul that journeyed far
To find a dream, to follow a star,
A bridegroom claiming a bride as his…
All these things are what Christmas is.
—Ian Bach

Christmas provides a part for everyone to play:

  • You can be a Mary: Be willing to be whatever God wants you to be.
  • You can be a Joseph: Take God at His word, even if you don't understand, and give His plan your best shot.
  • You can be a shepherd: Get excited about the Good News and tell as many people as you can.
  • You can be a wise man: Worship Jesus and give Him your most precious gifts.
  • You can be a star: Reflect God's light and point the way to Jesus.
  • You can be an angel: Loudly proclaim the good tidings. —Maria Fontaine