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Constant Christmas

The angels who sang praises to God the night Jesus was born still sing today. If you listen carefully, you can hear them over the hustle and bustle of life. Join in.

Jesus was God’s gift to the whole world, and not just for Christmas, but for every day, our whole lives through and beyond, for all eternity. It was the perfect gift, because Jesus can meet every need and make every dream come true.

The Christmas story tells us that it’s okay to start small. Jesus started as a tiny baby born in a stable, but He ended up at the right hand of the throne of God. And because of Him, our small beginnings will have greater ends in His eternal kingdom.

As you enjoy all the blessings of life this Christmas, stop and think about what meager circumstances Jesus was born into. He had had so much, yet became so little. He became nothing so that we could have everything. All that we have, we owe to Him.

Christmas is a state of mind. It’s happiness‚ thankfulness, love, giving. Do those things, and every day can feel like Christmas.

Christmas comes and goes, but Jesus never leaves the heart.