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Gifts of Praise

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!—Psalm 107:8


I love to hear you praise Me for that night when I entered the world. I brought the everlasting gift of love with Me‚ enabling you to live eternally because of My sacrifice. When I hear your praises to Me for the many aspects of the first Christmas gift I gave to the world, it brings Me joy, which I in turn fill your heart with.—Jesus


The angels who sang praises on the night I was born still do so today. Their voices are sometimes drowned out by the noise and busyness of life, but if you take the time to listen carefully, you'll hear them. Join them in singing praises to My Father.—Jesus


Praise Me for blessings that have brought a smile to your face or made you laugh because they lifted your spirit.

Praise Me for the little children—yours, if you have them, and those of others if you don't—because of the purity and simplicity that they bring into the world.

Praise Me for My creation, for the beauty that I have placed around you, both in nature and in the hearts of those who love you, because praise refreshes your spirit and renews your sense of well-being.

Praise Me for My light and My truth, because they shine brightly at Christmas in an increasingly dark and despairing world.

Praise Me for everything!—Jesus