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My Prayer for You This Christmas

Dear one,

It is not within my power to give you all the special things you need and deserve, so this Christmas I'll offer a prayer for you, asking God to give you His very best.

First, I pray for your happiness. The Bible calls it joy. My prayer for you is for joy that lasts even when things don't go just right.

Next, I pray for peace in your heart—a sweet knowledge that God is in control and that He won't let anything happen that He and you can't work out together.

And I pray for you to have faith—strong faith based on the most wonderful realities of all: God and His love and His promises to you.

Last but not least, I pray for you to experience love—great love, overflowing love, patient love, wise love, sweet love, fun love, exciting love, purposeful love, abiding love, strong love, encouraging love, God's love in all its wondrous forms.—Chloe West