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The Perfect Gift

By Gabe Rucker

I received the perfect gift last Christmas—the love of a little child.

On Christmas night, when it seemed that all of the gift-giving and festivities were over, I was tucking four-year-old Jade into bed and praying with her for the night when out of the blue she said, “Daddy, I love you more than all my toys and things!” My heart skipped a beat.

A few nights later, we were visiting relatives when I needed to check my email. I found a place to hook up to their network, but there wasn’t a chair handy. No problem. This would just take a minute, I told myself as I sat on the floor and started up my laptop computer. Just then Jade came running through the room, tripped, and fell right onto the computer, sending a million colored lines across the screen.

As each person present assessed the damage, I heard comments like, “That’s going to be expensive to fix!” and “Too bad it’s no longer under warranty!” When Jade realized what she had done, she started crying. I picked her up and hugged her. “Don’t worry, Baby,” I whispered in her ear. “I love you more than all of my things!”

No matter what happens this year, what things may come and go, just remember that Jesus loves you more than any-thing.

Gabe Rucker is a member of the Family International in Mexico.

A mother’s love for her baby boy
A sacrifice to bring others joy
A father’s care for one not his own
A message sent from a royal throne
A seeming wrong that was turned to right
An angel’s song in the dark of night
A prophet’s vision at last fulfilled
A miracle because God had willed
A gift of love from a caring heart
A bringing together what was apart
A reaching out to comprehend
How another felt by a sincere friend
A seeking soul that journeyed far
To find a dream, to follow a star
A bridegroom claiming a bride as his
All these things are what Christmas is.
—Ian Bach