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In his story, "Repainting the Angel," Wilfred Peterson tells of the restoration of a figurine of an angel holding the hand of a little boy. Covered with soot and dust, it had been lost on the back shelf in an antique shop until a man browsing through the shop discovered it and had an inspiration: He would rescue and restore it and give it a place of honor among his Christmas decorations.

In his basement workshop, the man covered the figurine with glistening white paint. Then he painted the wings of the angel and the hair of the little boy sparkling gold. Each brush stroke worked magic. The old, grime-covered statuette vanished and a shining new one appeared.

Isn't this what happens to people at Christmas? The man thought as he painted. They come to the end of the year covered in grime, and then Christmas repaints their nature with love and joy and peace.

Christmas becomes special when we consider what God did for the whole world, but it becomes extra special when we let Him go to work on us personally. We all need "repainting" from time to time. We all need to be refilled with His love and peace. We all need reassurance that our sins and shortcomings have been forgiven. And what better time than Christmas?—Chloe West


I was born at Christmastime, and you can be reborn during this time. —Jesus


In a world where things can change drastically from one day to the next, it seems little can escape quickly becoming passé. But there's one thing that will never change or become outdated—the need to love and be loved. This need for love is at the heart of Christmas. —Jesus