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of projects in Central America

Members of the Family International have served and volunteered in various countries of Central America for over two decades, participating in a wide array of initiatives and projects in the region. The primary focus of TFI volunteers has been to provide support and service to people, by bringing them the hope, faith and love that every human heart yearns for.

Among the services Family volunteers have offered are programs for personal development, youth programs, and assistance to underprivileged families. Members have also assisted in disaster relief and humanitarian aid efforts.

The mission works featured on this page represent a sampling of projects conducted by members in this region over the past two decades. Some projects are currently operational; others have concluded or represented a short-term project. Through our mission works over the past decades, our goal has been to offer a message of faith and hope to the people of Central America.

Project Highlights

_thumbnail_CAMisisonTrips.Photo2.jpg Mission trips | Volunteers regularly organize mission trips to visit towns, cities and rural areas throughout Mexico and Central America. We provide young people with the opportunity to visit institutions and hospitals, and participate in programs to provide Christian inspiration through musical performances. We also deliver needed items to each hospital and institution we visit, as well as provide spiritual support in the form of Bible classes and prayer.

_thumbnail_Hearing_from_Jesus_for_lady.jpg Relief aid to Haiti | In the aftermath of the earthquake which devastated Haiti in January 2010, Family International teams joined others from around the world to help in the relief efforts. Family volunteers were on the scene providing assistance, comfort and support to the hundreds of thousands of Haitians who were affected. Read more

_thumbnail_3-Relief-from-Stress-Seminar-Seminar-attendees.jpg Conéctate seminars | Through the means of seminars, we have helped to make a difference in the lives of many people from various cultures and levels of society. These seminars offer practical solutions to the challenges of today’s world, and most importantly, help the participants to discover the possibilities and potential for successful and happy lives.

_thumbnail_HurricaneStan.Photo-3.jpg Immediate disaster response | When Hurricane Stan struck Guatemala in 2005, causing floods and mudslides, Family International volunteers assisted in rescue efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to victims in outlying areas of Guatemala. We offered comfort and primary necessities such as water, food and warm clothing to those suffering after the flooding and heavy rains brought on by the hurricane. Read more

_thumbnail-_3-Ministering-to-the-Street-Kids.jpg Ministering to street children | Family International volunteers in Costa Rica frequently visit “PANI”, an institution for street children, conducting motivational rehabilitation programs and classes addressing the topics of drugs and depression. Positive peer pressure and activities, as well as regular Bible studies and motivational music performances is our approach to offering these youth a brighter future and showing them that we care.

_thumbnail_Evangelism.-Guatemala-Photo1.jpg Missionary activities and evangelism | Members hold Christian training courses, Bible studies and classes for students and adults alike. Our goal is to help others experience the joy, peace, and fulfillment that come from connecting with the Creator and including God’s Word in their daily lives. We consider every day an opportunity to minister to others and we seek to comfort, help and encourage any who cross our path.

_thumbnail_APARgt201proyectosonrisa3-jpg.jpg Project smiles | “Project Smiles” was initiated with the goal of bringing educational opportunities to orphans in Guatemala City. Once a month, we take groups of orphans on an outing, which includes a trip to the national zoo, a meal, and a puppet performance promoting moral values. Through this project, we have been able to bring a smile to over 250 orphans in the course of one year.

social-work-2356009_960_720 Feeding the needy | With the support of friends, companies and government agencies, each year we hold what has become known as La Comida del Cariño, a project to provide a free meal and entertainment to the homeless of Guatemala. 2000 plates of food are donated to the homeless, while three benefit performances are given, to provide them with faith and hope for the future. The program also includes a clown and puppet show for children.