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The Family International South America

of projects in South America

Since the early 1970’s, the Family International has had a presence throughout South America. Volunteers have been committed to the mission of bringing comfort, aid and attention to the needy, spreading the good news of the Gospel, and encouraging the depressed and downhearted.

TFI volunteers have undertaken a variety of projects to provide assistance to those in need in hospitals, orphanages, and assisted living facilities. Members have also provided aid to young people who suffer from drug addictions as well as assisted in humanitarian relief.

Throughout the years, members have brought Jesus’ message of love and salvation to every strata of society through personal evangelism, Bible studies, seminars and workshops as well as the distribution of educational audio-visual material, books and magazines.

Project Highlights

_thumbnail_Argentina---Uruguay-3.jpg Christian counseling | The Family International offers Christian counseling, seminars, and workshops, and organizes prayer and Bible study groups where we delve into God's solutions for today's world. Members organize retreats, seminars, and workshops that promote positive interpersonal relations, self-esteem, and morale.

_thumbnail_Peru_final-3.jpg Educational and inspirational publications | In the last 20 years the Family International has produced and distributed publications and audio-visual productions that provide inspirational and practical instruction for children, as well as for their parents and teachers. Members also distribute character-building publications that promote social and family values. Many schools have included these in their curriculums to teach ethics and moral principles to their pupils. Members also published a series of books used by educational institutions in Peru for primary school children.

_thumbnail_Chilefinal-1.jpg Seminars and workshops—Chile | The Family International, in association with other organizations, conducts a series of humanitarian support projects and programs in several regions of Chile. These include motivational seminars and workshops, and a Bible study course focused on interpersonal relationships, parenting, overcoming depression, and marriage. We also host workshops to improve the quality of life in institutions for underprivileged children, which support complementary programs such as Angels of Bethlehem, hospital clowning, Home of Hearts, and Overseas Missions.

_thumbnail_Chilefinal-4.jpg Rehabilitation programs—Chile | In conjunction with a group of therapists from a rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug addicts, the Family International in Chile has been working for many years with a weekly rehabilitation program consisting of musical and spiritual inspiration, counseling, Bible studies, and fellowship, to assist the patients in their recovery.

_thumbnail_Chilefinal-8.jpg Bible story book program—Chile | In order to present basic Christian values to Chilean children, members conduct a program focused on supplying underprivileged children with illustrated Bible story books that incorporate character-building lessons. Learning these values can give these children a chance to overcome a future of delinquency and poverty. In two years, over 25,000 books have been distributed through this program.

_thumbnail_Colombia_final-2.jpg Disaster Relief--Chile and Colombia | When the disastrous earthquake shook Armenia, Colombia in January 1999, over 30 local Family International volunteers moved to the affected area to assist the needy and injured for over three weeks. They not only worked hand in hand with governmental and international institutions to help distribute food and basic needs to over a thousand affected people, but they also worked as counselors to bring a message of faith and hope. Read more

_thumbnail_Peru_final-1.jpg Caring for the poor and needy—Peru | Volunteers in Peru are active in numerous poor areas on the outskirts of Lima, providing spiritual assistance and Bible classes, free medical assistance, as well as working in soup kitchens. We arrange for donated food, clothing, and toys to be distributed, while local doctors and dentists donate their time to provide free health care, with the assistance of volunteer workers.

_thumbnail_Venezuelafinal-2.jpg Relief Efforts—Venezuela | In December 1999, after almost 15 days of heavy rain in Vargas, Venezuela, the mountain slides crushed around 25,000 homes, resulting in over 30,000 reported deaths and missing persons. Family International members volunteered at rescue and aid centers for the affected areas and assisted with the collection and distribution of food, medicine, and clothing; as well as provided spiritual counsel, comfort, and encouragement to the disaster victims.

_thumbnail_Venezuelafinal-3.jpg Assistance for children with cancer—Venezuela | The Family International has worked hand in hand with the Asociación Venezolana de Padres de Niños con Cáncer (Venezuelan Association of Parents of Children with Cancer). Throughout the years we have assisted with donations of clothing, diapers, food, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc., and hosted children's shows and Christmas parties for children undergoing chemotherapy, most of whom come from low income families. Read more

_thumbnail_DSCN0003.jpg Island visitation | Throughout the years, the Family International in Venezuela has sent missionary teams to visit English, Spanish, Dutch, and French-speaking Caribbean islands, as well as indigenous language areas. On such trips, we have endeavored to give people spiritual assistance through Bible classes and prayer sessions, as well as visiting health centers, prisons, churches, etc. We also use these trips as opportunities to distribute our faith- and character-building Christian material, such as motivational books, CDs/DVDs, children's videos, and other products.

_thumbnail_Seminars.jpg Seminars | Addressing today’s pressing issues such as drug abuse, materialism, decaying moral values, and the challenges posed by the Internet, these seminars challenge the audience to examine and evaluate their own lives. The presentations are a mixture of theater, music, comedy, and digital multimedia that have captured the imagination of audiences in schools, universities, and companies.

_thumbnail_Assistance-for-the-needy_.jpg Assistance for the needy | Jesus’ example of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, encouraging the disheartened, and tending to the needs of those around Him serves as a model for the Family’s aid projects. In conjunction with other organizations, sponsors and volunteers, Family members contribute to a variety of educational, health, nutritional, inspirational, and recreational initiatives. These ministries offer assistance to Brazil’s enormous underprivileged population and are an important focus of our work.