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The Family International traces its roots to the United States, where our movement first originated in the late 1960s. TFI volunteers have provided their charitable services to the people of North America for forty years. TFI members in North American cities have assisted homeless shelters, food kitchens, and other civic organizations by providing food, clothing, and other basic necessities. Volunteers have participated in disaster-relief efforts, such as Hurricane Andrew (1992) and Hurricane Katrina (2005). Members have also assisted overseas missions with humanitarian aid and services for the underprivileged.

The Family International’s main focus in North America since its inception has been to enrich people’s lives through spreading the Christian message of God’s love and hope, and by putting this message into action.

Project Highlights

_thumbnail_NAIAS.07-5.jpg Spiritual counseling | The Family International’s main ministry as Christians and followers of Jesus is that of reaching out to those who are spiritually in need and searching for answers. We are able to do this through distributing inspirational literature and offering counsel on a variety of topics ranging from depression, drugs, violence, and peer pressure to study courses on biblical themes and current events. We regularly minister one on one on the streets, and in parks, universities, and youth hangouts, teaching classes and answering questions with the Bible.

_thumbnail_NAIAS.07-1.jpg Bible for today | The Family International conducts ongoing Bible studies with interested students and people from all different walks of life and religious backgrounds. These include an overview of the foundation of Christian faith, called the 12 Foundation Stones. This course covers topics such as Bible prophecy, the end time, prayer, hearing from Heaven, salvation, the love of Jesus, seven ways to know God’s will, overcoming problems, witnessing, and more.

_thumbnail_PICT1474.jpg Food and clothing distribution | Each year, members of the Family International distribute tons of food items and thousands of bags of clothing and toys to many needy inner-city families, area shelters, and food kitchens. By working with local businesses and companies, we are able to run regular programs of food distribution and share some hope with thousands of the poverty stricken. We also spend time praying with those in need and offer Bible studies to those who are interested.

_thumbnail_Day4a_01.jpg Relief for Hurricane Katrina victims | In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Family International volunteers were on the scene aiding existing relief efforts in providing food, clothing, water, and other basic needs to the evacuees from Louisiana, and providing emotional and spiritual support, as well as programs, activities and inspirational materials to impart comfort, to bring happiness and emotional stability back to the displaced children. More on the Family International's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

_thumbnail_award1.jpg Freedom Works award | In mid-1998, Family Missions in the U.S. was presented with the Freedom Works Congressional Award for our service in assisting homeless shelters and soup kitchens in the Washington, D.C. area. The annual Freedom Works Award recognizes individuals and groups who take personal and private initiative to assist those in need.

_thumbnail_Fiesta14.jpg Music ministry | The Family International performs shows and participates in monthly programs in nursing homes, medical facilities, hospices, detention centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, homeless shelters, and food kitchens. It has been a joy to witness how these songs provide a touch of healing in ways that nothing else seems to. Read more

_thumbnail_grief_counselling.jpg Grief counseling | In San Antonio, Texas, the Family International has an ongoing ministry of grief counseling at a holding facility for illegal immigrants from Central and South America. Many of those cared for by this facility are between 12 to 17 years of age (sometimes younger), most of whom are escaping life-threatening situations in their countries, such as extreme poverty, violence, death of family members, and abuse.

_thumbnail_coniboyjan_.jpg Assistance to homes and orphanages | The Family International in Puerto Rico has worked for many years with a home for abandoned boys and a girl’s orphanage. They arrange outings for the children, such as special restaurant dinners, trips to the skate park, organized games, arts and crafts projects, and parties. They also help collect toys and gifts at Christmastime to deliver to the institutions, as well as delivering food each month.

_thumbnail_FAR11_.jpg Ministry to abused women | In Puerto Rico, volunteers give assistance to abused women, through visitation, counseling, offering them messages of love and encouragement through music, along with spending some personal time listening to the women and showing them that they really care. Volunteers give classes on character building, as well as the how-tos of single parenting. They also deliver food, household supplies, and toys for the children.

_thumbnail_Clip_7.jpg Aid to the disadvantaged | Members in Puerto Rico deliver food and medical supplies to several nursing homes. During these visits, children of our volunteers sing and interact with the seniors. Members have also worked for over ten years with a hospital for special needs children, supplying food, clothing, and toys. Our youth volunteers go bed to bed singing songs, making balloon animals, and offering encouragement to each child.