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Programs for Underprivileged Children

The Family India

Kids’ Days Out
The Family India organizes regular excursions for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to places of educational and historical interest. Venues include zoos, planetariums, museums, sports grounds, five-star hotels, national monuments, and other places that these children normally would not get to visit. We also ensure that the kids enjoy nutritious snacks and meals during these excursions.

Celebrating Special Days
We sponsor programmes on Children’s Day, Independence Day, and Environment Day, which provide the opportunity for thousands of disadvantaged children to participate in fun carnivals. They eat delicious meals, play games, win prizes, go on rides, participate in art contests, and receive gifts—at no cost to them!

Summer Camps
We conduct Art, Craft, and Theatre Camps for underprivileged children in the summer months, thereby giving them the opportunity to participate in activities that are generally unavailable to them. The attendees learn music and theatre and also learn to make income-generating decorative items.

School for Slum Children

The Family India runs a preparatory school for slum children between three to six years of age in Southern India. Besides receiving a good preschool education, these children also receive nutritious midday meals. After completing two years in this school, the children are then in a good position to enter normal primary schools, and we make the arrangements for their admissions to these schools.

Originally Published in 2008.