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Rebuilding After the Tamil Nadu Tsunami

The Family India

Rebuilding after the tsunami in Tamil Nadu

The Family India, with the help of several donor agencies was able to provide 59 new houses to the residents of a tsunami-affected village in Tamil Nadu called Ponanthittu. Each of these houses has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and staircase leading up to the terrace.

The Family India was also able to provide the resources for building five new streets, a community hall, and three shops to the village.

We were also able to provide a brand-new two-storey school building for the children of another tsunami-affected village in Tamil Nadu called Karankadu. This village houses over a thousand families.

We have also built a hostel for children in this village where 150 students from distant areas can stay and attend school.

Providing Tools to Boat Workers

The tsunami ravaged the lives of the fishermen, and also hit the lives of those who earn a living by providing services to the fishing industry. The Family India has been helping these allied workers by making it possible for them to be self-reliant once again.

Boat Carpenters: The tsunami swept away the tools of the carpenters who work on the fishing boats, thereby rendering them unable to support their families. In response we have provided toolsets to 51 boat carpenters in Malumiyarpettai in Cuddalore, thereby empowering them to make a living and support their families once again.

Originally Published in 2008.