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Helping the residents of Pasi

Since November 2005, Family Care International-supported doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have been making regular visits to Pasi, working with YIN, our faithful partners in Aceh. This project has been an exciting joint venture--successful due to a truly cooperative effort. These efforts have been rewarded and enhanced by a grant from an international sponsor to make it possible to expand this effort from limited weekly visitation to a full-time operative, beginning in late February 2007. This includes a 24-hour free clinic based in Pasi, manned by a doctor and nurse, as well as 24/7 ambulance service and free medicine for residents in several villages.

Along with this has come the creation of two livelihood projects--a fish farm and a restaurant to market the fish--staffed by residents of the village. It also includes a vehicle based in the village, which enables the people of the village to shop in a market farther away and more easily get their basic needs.

If you would like to see more about this or any other FCI project, please visit us at our Web site: www.fcindo.com.