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The Himmata School in Indonesia

The NGO Himmata has developed a free school for not only the street children, but also for all the children of the surrounding areas. In the beginning they had a hard time convincing the parents to allow their young children to attend, as they had been working and/or begging to bring home money every day. Yet the school has grown from 35 to 175 students and has over 20 volunteer teachers. The Himmata school has been recognized by the National Department of Education, and many young people whose parents would never have been able to afford to send their children to school have now completed their basic schooling and gone on to national schools.

The students are encouraged to learn poetry, computer, art, music, drama, and other creative and expressive skills, as well as the local curriculum of the 3Rs and social studies. Some friends of FCI recently donated an extensive set of musical instruments for the children to learn to play.

At present, FCI has received sponsorship donations to help in the rebuilding of the original school, which had been prone to annual flooding during the rainy season. We are grateful to the many sponsors who have offered their financial help and backing for this project. We are sure the returns have and will continue to be great and sustainable.