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Christmas in March


When we hold English camps at the request of a school, we also try to help the teachers, staff, and children connect with God and His love at every opportunity. One such opportunity arose as I was teaching 130 children English songs. When lunchtime was announced, all of the children ran off to eat except for one little girl. She asked me to sing a song that she’d heard a couple of months earlier, the title and melody of which kept coming back to her, “Silent Night.” I promised her that I would sing it for her and the others after lunch.

When we got back together, I announced that I had received a special request and began to sing. Imagine 130 energetic children who just moments before had been loud and rowdy suddenly holding still and going quiet as they listened respectfully. Then, as if on cue, all the children spontaneously began singing along. Afterwards they wanted me to explain the song’s meaning, and they all prayed with me to receive Jesus, God’s special gift of love, into their hearts.