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Olives Rehabilitation Centre 2018 Update

Family Care Mission

Ready for sports with new equipment

Children receive a daily lunch
Supplies for Olives Centre
Children at Olives Centre

Family Care Mission in Kenya has been working in partnership with the Olives Centre since 1999. The centre presently educates 180 children from Nursery Level to Standard 8, completed with government exams. The Olives Centre provides a daily school lunch for the children and staff, teaches an Adult Literacy Program and holds counseling sessions for students who are exposed to abuse and hardship.  Twelve of the best achievers were sponsored for high school education in the last two years. Recently, the community project received a small piece of land from the local government and we began from scratch to rebuild the school.

During our 2018 visit we were able to provide sports equipment, new roofing sheets for the main hall and some of the classrooms, repair of toilet facilities, water tanks, material for rainwater harvesting, first aid and food supplies for the school lunch program, one year’s supply of sanitary napkins for 30 teenage girls who otherwise skip school, and 30 new benches.

Published in 2019.

Children eating a nutritious lunch

Iris with medical equipment

Olives Centre kids say thank you