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The Family International Madagascar

of projects in Madagascar

Madagascar has a population of 20 million, 80 percent of the population live below the poverty line (earning less than 2€ a day).

Members of the Family International have been active in Madagascar for 15 years, working to alleviate material and spiritual suffering in one of the world’s poorest countries. Our work is focused on community and charitable programs to support youth and children, and Christian outreach.

Members have undertaken a variety of charitable activities, including operating a small dispensary, building houses for widows and families facing poverty, food and clothing distribution, providing schools with roofing and school benches, and teaching French and English to underprivileged children. Recent efforts have focused on improving the quality of life of orphans, destitute children, and juvenile prisoners.

Project Highlights

Christian_leadership_.jpg Christian Leadership and Ministry Training | Since 2006, members have been training prospective missionaries and Malagasy community leaders, offering 12 Foundations Stones courses. These courses in Christian, spiritual and leadership development, taught in French, English, and Malagasy, have benefitted and inspired many to change their world in tangible ways. Our goal is to motivate, inspire, challenge, and support those making a difference in their spheres of influence.

save_the_youth.jpg Save the Youth—Youth Outreach and Support | Since 1999, local members of TFI have focused on improving the quality of life of vulnerable youth, including orphans and underage prison inmates. Save the Youth has established projects providing food aid and training in basic hygiene, building and renovating living quarters of orphanages, improving the condition of prison cells, and supplying food supplements, school equipment, and stationery for very poor children and schools. Read more