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Quality Education

Save the Youth International

Girls discovering books at the CBA

Newly built library at the CBA
Leilani decorating the library at the CBA
Library in Ambohidroa public primary school

Our team was able to rebuild the Fenomanana Elementary Primary School, which had been levelled to the ground by a cyclone four years ago, and furnish it with new school benches and desks for 200+ school children. We built three additional classrooms and renovated four old ones at the elementary public school of Ambohidroa. This doubled the capacity of the school, which enlists 600+ children. We received an award from the Malagasy Ministry of Education in recognition of these two projects.

We also built libraries and supplied them with books for children and teenagers at the Centre de Bienfaisance d’Ankadivory (CBA) and at the Ambohidroa Public Primary School. At the beginning of each new school year we provide free school supplies for the entire year to 600+very poor children.

Published in 2019.