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Activated Programme/Online mailings

Paul & Marian
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Activated! is a monthly Christian magazine which we have been distributing on a subscription basis in our city and in others for more than ten years now. The total number of subscriptions to date has topped the 3,000 mark. Fifty percent of these subscribers have been receiving the magazine for over four years; some even up to ten years. In 2010 alone, over 660 people subscribed to the magazine.

Activated! discusses community and character development; topics include parenting, problem solving, relations with people, stress management, health, organization, budgeting, etc. Its theme: Change your life. Change your world.

An important enhancement to Activated! is personal visitation, which we conduct daily with many subscribers throughout the city. Providing counsel, encouraging character development, assisting them in finding solutions to the problems they encounter and helping them make sound decisions, are what make up our regular visits. Countless individuals have expressed gratitude for the time invested in their spiritual, moral, and emotional growth and wellbeing.

Activated! subscribers are also entitled to a free weekly issue of the Reflections series, which builds on topics covered in the magazine. These are sent out via email to more than 1,200 subscribers. Reflections are also in PowerPoint form, and the response they have generated is widespread.

Following are some reactions from our online recipients:

Thank you for the mails! This is precisely what I have been looking for. I am interested in everything concerning your organisation. Thank you!

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to enrich my life and see the beauty of God’s work. Yes, I am interested in receiving correspondence on the course, and will be happy to be part of it.

Thanks a million. This is indeed a great message.

Thanks for this, I am just reading it and the words are very true – ‘Pressure makes Diamonds much harder than stone’ We are God’s precious jewels, tried and formed in the fires of affliction that we might show forth our Father’s glory. I wish you the same my dear, to persevere in all that life throws your way today and always. Love to all. Take care and stay blessed.

It's always good to hear from you. I must say that your responses and emails are encouraging and are sources of inspiration. I dare to add that knowing you and The Family Int’l makes every moment spent like Christmas. There is no gain saying that you all are always on my mind and in my prayers too.

I must confess this last Reflection has really touched me deep down. I chose to embark on some academic exercises, which success would have led to my promotion in the office, but for five consecutive times, I failed. I was split between changing job or having another trial. After reading the Reflection, I became wiser. Thanks a lot!

My dearest friends, you don't know how much these inspiring messages fill me. I derive so much inspiration from them and it makes me increase my faith in the Lord. I can't thank you enough but may God keep sustaining us, Amen. Please, I will need more of these messages daily. Thanks for all.

This reflection was so timely.
Thanks so much. I miss you guys.

Thanks a great deal for this exposition. I am indeed grateful for this topic being exactly what I need now. There is no doubt perseverance is the key to achieving set goals, more so in spiritual things. I am encouraged. Thanks.

Your piece lifted my spirit and encouraged me. You have a way of saying the right words at the right time to my spirit. I am so grateful. Say me well to the family. Regards!

Greatly encouraging, thought-provoking and inspiring as usual! Thank you, God bless.