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More on Bible Courses

Paul distributing Christmas Activated magazines after a seminar
Lily and Marianne with a friend who regularly receives magazines to share with some young people she’s ministering to

So far, volunteers have taught 123 classes to the 475 people enrolled in the course.

Student reactions to Bible courses:

Many thanks for the Bible courses! They are all well received. After going through them, I print out two copies of each course, one for my wife and the other for myself (for emphasis and review at home, during my spare time). God bless you and Family Care for this great job! With very best regards!

Dearest Family, It is very true that the Holy Spirit helps one with the understanding of the Scriptures. I have been through some of the verses mentioned in my 12 Foundation Stones course before, but they never seemed to reveal as much as they do now. I thank God for you. Regards!

Thanks a lot for all the material you have been sending me. I am really blessed by them, especially the testimonies of what God has been doing. I pray that the good Lord will help me to cultivate the habit of praying at all times. Please, join me in prayer for God to bless my marriage with children because this has been one of the obstacles to my spiritual growth. From this course I have once again been encouraged to continue to wait on the Lord. Remain blessed in the Lord.

Thanks for your care and attention. Not really having a family to call my own can be overwhelming at times, but you have been a great source of strength and encouragement to me.

Compliments! Thank you for your invitation to the journey to have a deeper relationship with God. I love to partake in the correspondence course! I look forward to hearing from you on the issue and subsequent participation in the course. Once again thank you and my warmest regards to your family.