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“Deaf Way” Project Update

Deaf Way

Computer classes for the deaf at the new center

Helen Keller Awards: In an effort to encourage children from all the schools for the deaf in Delhi to do better academically, we instituted the Helen Keller Student Award. This annual award is the first of its kind and a significant morale booster to the deserving.

The first annual awards ceremony was attended by members of our organization, the awardees, and their families and friends. The children were thrilled to take the stage and receive their awards in front of such a supportive crowd. Members of the Delhi Deaf Friendship Club performed a folk dance from the state of Gujarat. Many of those watching could not believe that the performers were deaf, as they performed so well.

Youth Conference: We organized and hosted the National Deaf Youth Conference in Irinjalakuda, Kerala, Southern India. The 165 attendees from 23 cities formulated their plans for the coming year, on both personal and organizational levels, and laid the foundation for greater cooperation between deaf organizations.

Deaf Service Center: Our dream for the past eight years—to have a place where deaf people congregate and learn skills that will boost their social and employment opportunities—is finally taking shape! We teach English, math, and computer courses, and are preparing the deaf to take government recruitment exams.

Originally Published in 2003.