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Educational Training Programmes and Seminars

The Family India

Tomorrow’s world will be as morally sound as the children of today make it in the future. We therefore endeavour to provide them with the input that they need to help them become good human beings.

Character Seminars for Teenagers

We conduct character-building seminars and programmes for middle and senior school students. Our methodology involves approaching pertinent and relevant themes with just the right balance of serious input and lively music, skits, and group activities.

For high school students we conduct seminars on pertinent topics such as peer pressure, leadership, communication skills and time management. We also organize outreach projects and programmes in which students from well-to-do backgrounds are given the opportunity to reach out to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and participate in educational and recreational activities with them.

Initiatives for Junior School Children

TFI volunteers conduct unique, interactive, and high-impact music and theatre programmes highlighting values that we would all like to see in children. Some of the values emphasized are: good manners, respect for others and for the environment, good work ethic, good health habits, positive friendships, handling peer pressure well, and becoming a responsible citizen at an early age.

These programmes have been met with much enthusiasm and have become a recurring part of many schools’ activity schedule across India. School teachers and principals especially appreciate these programmes as they address important issues that caregivers are concerned about.

Seminars for Teachers and Parents

The Family India conducts a wide variety of motivational seminars for teachers and parents. The world of tomorrow will be what the parents, teachers, and caregivers of today make it.

We are, therefore, committed to providing them with the support and input that they need to build that future. Our methodology includes music, theatre, interaction, and introspection, and our goal is to inspire the attendees to become better custodians of our collective future.

For parents, we conduct seminars on topics such as being good role models, spending more time with kids, “parenteening,” and the dangers of television. For teachers we conduct seminars on bringing out the best in students, the power of appreciation, and being committed to excellence.

The “Tools for Schools” Sponsorship Programme

We have co-produced and put together a library of unique character-building materials for school children called Tools for Schools. This set of captivating, well-researched, professionally made and internationally acclaimed books, videos, music CDs, and games teaches children good values and other essential life skills in a highly entertaining way.

Our Tools for Schools Sponsorship programme provides needy schools and educational institutions with sponsored sets of these materials.

Originally Published in 2008.