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Jogja Early Learning Seminar


TFI members Daniel Angel and Sharon with the teachers who received their Graduation Certificates after completing the early learning seminar

Sharon explaining different teaching methods at the Jogja early learning seminar.
Teacher learning how to use study materials at the Jogja seminar.
Teachers studying materials at the Jogja early learning seminar.
Daniel with the activity books and video players donated to the schools at the Jogja early learning seminars.

In March 2010 TFI volunteers conducted three days of seminars near Jogjakarta, Central Java for over 300 preschool (PAUD) teachers. The seminar was an information packed event for preschool teachers from low income villages and focused primarily on the importance of early learning, character building and a value based education. Many thanks to our sponsors who made it possible for us to provided each teacher with six Treasure Attic video episodes along with three accompanying activity books and a teacher’s manual explaining how to use the program. Certificates of accomplishment were presented to each teacher attending the seminar. In addition FCI distributed six special motivational magazines and an inspirational “Mottos for Success” calendar for each teacher.