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Christmas Sunshine

The "Sun in the Heart" Volunteers

Orphans and children with special needs enjoying Sonce v Srcu’s (Sun in the Heart) Christmas program in Slovenia

Sonce v Srcu (Sun in the Heart) is a registered Family International volunteer project. Our volunteers assist institutions and schools with educational and moral programs, and we’ve also set up a youth club that includes activities such as performing arts, community service, leadership training courses, and advanced English classes.

A team of five volunteers helped with a special two-hour Christmas program in Zagreb, Croatia. The show was held for over 800 orphans and children with special needs from several local institutions. The program included clowns, magic tricks, traditional Christmas songs performed by a live band, choreographed dancing, and a raffle. We distributed over 800 gift packages—including stationery, raincoats, and snacks—to the children. Not only were the children and many parents who attended very thankful for the donated items, but the Christmas message of salvation was shared with all present.

Other Family International volunteers visited Korak, a small institution for patients suffering from head injuries. They performed a Christmas show, and spent the afternoon interacting with the residents. The staff members were all very appreciative of their efforts to bring some Christmas cheer to the patients. Our theatrical team also performed a Christmas show at Malci Beliceve, a center for children and young people from dysfunctional families, where we regularly hold workshops and teach English.

Originally Published in 2007.