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Aid to AIDS Sufferers


Over the past eight years we have had an ongoing project in the Khayelitsha Township. We worked with a community health worker named Mildred and an architect named Mr. Smart who had volunteered his services to help the poor of this community build better housing.

From Mildred’s house, which was used as a community center, we initiated the project of feeding the poor through large donations of food twice a week. The food is used to supplement the diet of AIDS sufferers, as well as to help destitute families. We’ve also distributed donated clothing and initiated reading sessions centered on the Family’s STEPS character-building program.

Mildred was named “Extraordinary Woman of the Year for 2005” by the Western Cape Health Department for her sacrificial, multifaceted work in her community at the grassroots level. We feel privileged to be working with her toward our common goals.

The day after we delivered a large quantity of donated clothing and shoes to our community project in the Khayelitsha Township, Site B, a fire broke out nearby. Over 1,000 homes were destroyed, and over 3,000 people were left homeless. Many escaped with only the clothes on their backs, and were thankful to be able to come to our center to be outfitted with new clothes and shoes.

Originally Published in 2006.