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Articles from South Africa

Helping Hand, Cape Town

Food Distribution
Through sponsorship from the Lion’s Club, Durbanville, we received over ten tons of rice, samp (cornmeal mush), beans, and split peas to distribute. Volunteers helped unload this massive amount of food and piled it high on 16 palettes. Read more
Help and Hope for Children
Since our project’s earliest beginning we have supplied food to feed between 500 to 700 children a warm, nutritious meal five days a week in the two townships of Bloekombos and Wallacedene. As victims of their circumstances, these children, aged 2–14, desperately need hope for the future. Read more
Homes for Unwed Mothers and Abused Women and Children
Since the beginning of 2004 volunteers from Project Helping Hand have been visiting homes for unwed mothers and abused women and children. It began with supplying baby needs (cots, strollers, clothes, etc. Read more
Christian Outreach
Each day our volunteers go out to share the Good News with those from all walks of life brings new tests as well as triumphs. During 2007 we distributed over 120,000 tracts and nearly 9,000 Activated magazines. Read more
Helping Hand - 2007 Report
We were able to locally collect and distribute ZAR 3,191,584 worth of goods during 2007 (approximately 280,000 euros). This amount includes 5,350 toys, 1,002 baby items, 25,132 articles of clothing and pairs of shoes, and over 35,000 kilos of food. Read more
Steps to Education
Our Steps to Education project started in 2006.Steps to Education addresses the urgent need in our modern society to reinforce positive values in children, helping educators and parents to take education beyond just academics, providing moral and character-building material for their training. Read more

Slum Disaster Relief, Johannesburg

Blankets and Warm Clothes for over 200 Children
The winter had been particularly cold and we wanted to give all our Sunday school children something to keep them warm, many who attend barefoot and with ragged clothes. We identified the neediest children and gave out 15 warm, fleecy blankets. The next week we gave out fifty more, one to a family. Read more
Love in Action versus Xenophobia
A refugee camp was set up in our area to house the victims of the xenophobia attacks that were happening here, and we were first on the scene to help. Surrounded by thick and high barbed wire, the camp is somewhat depressing. Read more
Help for the Refugees of Xenophobia
During the recent xenophobic attacks, our Sunday Club grew as children joined us from the refugee tents, which were not far from our site. Read more
Thousands of Easter Chicks
Easter was suddenly upon us. We had no chocolate eggs to give out, as we usually do, to the children of the township where we work. We have used the eggs to illustrate and help the children to understand and celebrate Easter. Read more

HIV/AIDS Education in Schools, Johannesburg

HIV programs
A team of our volunteers travelled to Phalaborwa in Limpopo to conduct HIV/AIDS programs for rural schools, where they were very well received. We received thank you letters with the following comments: “Our learners have received several workshops and lectures on the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Read more
HIV/AIDS Education
Our school programme for HIV/AIDS education is a big hit with the children. We mix information with drama and music in a dynamic, fast-moving programme, which involves a lot of interaction with the students. Read more
Limpopo––Reaching Out in the Rural Areas
We took a trip to the northern province of Limpopo as we had been receiving requests for our programme of HIV/AIDS education from the schools there. One of our part-time volunteers comes from Limpopo, so he was very enthusiastic that we visit his own community. Read more
The Three Desert Team
A team of Family Africa members, teenagers, and young volunteers embarked on a trip through the arid landscape of three deserts: the Karoo, the Namib, and the Kalahari, with a mission to make a difference in the lives of other young people. Read more

Mother and Baby Support Group, Johannesburg

Mother's Club Activities
Our Mother's Club for young HIV-positive mothers and their babies now has 17 mothers and babies, and it is encouraging to see them able to talk about their status and make short-term and long-term plans. Read more
Mother and Baby Support Group Highlights
Micro Businesses Bring Economic EmpowermentWe received sponsorship to initiate micro businesses for the members of our Mother’s Club for HIV positive women and their babies. We supplied the women with products of their choice to the value of R1,000 each. Read more
Mother and Baby Support Group
Through this project we support a total of 19 HIV-positive mothers and their babies. Read more
Ray of Hope
There is so much pain and confusion in the townships, but we wanted to share a ray of hope which we experienced. Our full-time counselor and peer educator, Barbara, had phoned and told us to expect a surprise this Wednesday morning. Read more
Carpet a Creche Campaign
Every year we work to upgrade the crèches (childcare facility) in Diepsloot in some way. Most of the babies and toddlers take their naps during the day on cement floors, often with just a thin blanket underneath them. Most crèches have very little carpet. Read more

Other articles

The Family Africa Bible College Graduation 2020
We had a wonderful end of year Bible College graduation in December to close out 2020. Over 50 certificates were awarded, and six men and women passed all the required courses to be awarded their Theology diploma certificate! Eleven people also passed the Bible teacher course. Read more
The Family Africa Bible School
The Family Africa Bible School has been running successfully for several years. In the past year we completed more courses and extended our scope to new areas. In 2018, 100 people graduated from our courses, and a total of 500 certificates have been awarded since the Bible School began. Read more
Showers of Blessings
It had been an unusually cold and wet week. In fact, half of our team was stuck in Durban due to snow on the mountain pass between there and home. (This is Africa! Read more
Mandela Day
Nelson Mandela’s birthday is celebrated every year throughout the country but last year it became an official United Nations Day. Read more
Activated Library
The function of the library is to assist in the teaching of the Activated Training Course, a Christian leadership course, and to empower and spiritually uplift the youth and the community. It is also used for weekly Bible studies. Read more
Project Hope's HIV Programmes
Project Hope currently administers the following programmes: HIV/AIDS counseling Bible-based education that promotes lifestyle changes that help in HIV/AIDS infection prevention HIV/AIDS awareness seminars Counseling Conflict resolution Collecting and distributing nutritional Read more