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Katakwi Flood Relief

Katakwi, Uganda

Malika distributing donated food in Uganda
Our boat filled with six tons of supplies for the flood victims in Uganda

When the floods struck in the northeast region of our country in 2007, hundreds of thousands of people were stranded without access to food, roads, or hope.

We were contacted by a local charity organization that had previously helped fund our relief efforts to the needy. With their generous donation we arranged transport, bought three tons of maize flour and beans, plus 50 rounds of malaria medicine.

With these supplies, along with three tons of brand-new warm jackets, shirts, trousers, and children's clothes we had collected, we traveled to Soroti. From there we transported all six-plus tons by boat to the Ngariam camp.

The aid was received with great happiness, since the people hadn't received any aid since the heavy floods had hit them many weeks before.

Originally Published in 2007.