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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Outlook


When we took our regular supply of donated fruit and veggies from the market to a local women’s refuge, a woman we hadn’t met before came out to receive the delivery. She explained that she had worked at this refuge over a year ago, and recently returned. “The women here are much healthier now,” she said, “and healthier than most of the women in the other refuges I have assisted. I’m sure that is due in large part to the fresh fruit and veggies they eat in plentiful supply.” (The women come to the refuge from abusive relationships or from off the streets, some having been homeless for months.) “They all show a dramatic improvement in health and are much happier during their two-month stay,” she concluded.

One woman who has been staying there told me that she loves the Reflections and Activated magazines we leave. She especially enjoyed the story where the rose petals were crushed and made into perfume. She photocopied that Reflections page and gave a copy to each of the other women.

We also supply the refuge with clothing, shoes, kitchen equipment, and other goods that are donated to our work.