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In the Aftermath of Cyclone Larry


When Cyclone Larry hit the town of Innisfail in northern Queensland in March 2006, it caused damages estimated at over AUS$1 billion (about US$750 million) to the town and surrounding crops—primarily sugar cane and 95% of Australia’s total banana production. It was a Category 5 storm, but only one person died and there were few injuries.

A team from our Change the World charity went to Innisfail and ministered to the survivors. We roughed it for two weeks at the only remaining caravan (trailer) park in the area, so got a small taste of the hardships the locals were facing. We helped at the Red Cross center sorting donated goods, and as that project wound down we spent more time on the streets meeting people and encouraging them through personal counsel and music. Over 100 people prayed with us to accept Jesus, and we distributed more than 4000 tracts.