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Mayon Volcano Relief

The Philippines

The Mayon Volcano had been spewing ash 800 meters (2,625 feet) into the sky over southern Luzon, the largest of the Philippine islands. There had also been a number of earthquakes and tremors, and scientists monitoring the volcano warned that the volcano could erupt anytime—and that this time could be a big one! Many of the people who lived at the foot of the volcano were evacuated to safety. As the evacuation lasted some time and the evacuation centers began running out of food and water, the evacuees became weary.

We were a ten-man team from the Family International. Our mission was twofold: to take the evacuees more supplies and to encourage them. Our friends and sponsors had helped with food and supplies for the refugees, finances to print Gospel tracts, fuel for the trip, and other expenses. In less than a week we had gathered 15 50-kilo sacks of rice, 20 cases of instant noodles, 15 boxes of canned goods, and several boxes of brand new clothing.

When we arrived at the Regional Disaster Coordinating Council, the director explained that other organizations had visited the centers in the city, so other centers in the outlying area were needier. At the most remote evacuation center, we were received with much appreciation as we distributed the goods. Members of all 136 families—over 600 people—prayed with us to receive Jesus into their hearts. And there was a happy “riot” at the end when we distributed the extra goods and clothes.

Originally Published in 2007.