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Behind Green Gates

Cluj, Romania

Oana holding a lengthy letter received from one of the inmates

We have been assisting the local charity, Rescue Foundation, in their work with prisoners in the maximum-security penitentiary of Aiud (a city near Cluj), a prison with over 1,000 men and women prisoners.

It is an incredible feeling one has upon entering the three sets of huge green gates. With every step forward and the closing of each gate behind you, you come to a profound realization of the meaning and value of freedom.

During the meetings with the inmates, we lead the musical part of the program, which the prisoners enjoy participating in.

Successful re-integration of the prisoners into their families and society depends on the openness and assistance of others. By working together, we seek to provide the support and courage the inmates need to change and make their rehabilitation a reality.

Originally Published in 2006.