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The Steps Program

Jan & Marion
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

For several years the popular children’s course—the STEPs Program—has been a wonderful teaching tool for many schools, Sunday schools, day care centers and families in Nigeria. It comprises two courses: Foundations of Faith and Character Building. We have distributed these courses to schools for several years now and many incorporate them into their existing curriculums.

In the recent past we have been called on to present seminars and talks on topics such as leadership, team-working, child-rearing and teaching, etc. The positive reactions these initiatives have garnered motivates us to conduct them on a larger scale.

Recently we also invested time into the distribution of two DVD series for children: Treasure Attic and Kiddie Viddie. These series focus on instilling positive values in a fun, relatable way. Since quality, value-based children's films are few and far between here, the response these visual aids have garnered is enthusiastic and widespread. Recipients have testified that these series have had a positive impact on their children in various ways, and they can see improvement in their behavior and speech habits.

This further motivates us in our desire is to create a solid moral foundation in the lives of Nigeria’s youth from an early age, which in turn affects society at large now and in the future.

Originally Published in 2011.