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Salvation for Body and Soul


On my last visit to a prison where we have a ministry, I gave a class to 44 inmates who were serving time for drug-related offenses. I read stories about healing from the Bible and shared personal accounts of healings I’d witnessed during my time as a Christian volunteer. Then I asked if any of the inmates would like for me to pray for them to be free of their drug addiction. At this point some of my audience suddenly became very quiet, while others started laughing and making faces at each other. I could tell that it was difficult for any of them to be the first to step forward, for fear of being ridiculed by their fellow inmates. I then explained that God wanted to not only heal them of their addictions, but also to wipe their slates clean and give them new starts in life. One person raised his hand and came forward for prayer, and others followed. Afterwards some of the attendees began talking amongst themselves about how much better they felt after praying, and others lifted their hands in praise to the Lord.