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Articles from Taiwan

English Corner - Taipei Youth Outreach
The English Corner is a place where young people can come every week to practice their English and have live conversations with foreign friends. Read more
A Turning Point
The FreeZone Youth Activity Center, established and staffed by the Taipei branch of the Family International, holds Bible classes, and offers counseling and other activities to help Taipei’s youth build a positive outlook on life and become good citizens. Read more
DoZoClub - Taichung Youth Club
After conducting a successful youth club a few years ago, this project has been re-established in a new location and with a new team. DoZoClub's aim is to provide a place for young people to engage in activities that are designed to promote friendship in a positive, safe, and fun environment. Read more
Typhoon Toraji Aid Project
Typhoon Toraji was small but devastating. With the earth in some areas of this island nation still loose from a major earthquake two years ago and doubly vulnerable due to unwise farming practices, flooding and mudslides took on record proportions. Read more
Taiwan-Liberia Emergency Relief Network
While attending an international book trading fair in February 2002, I met an African gentleman who looked to be in his 50s and was manning a booth displaying artifacts from Africa. He turned out to be the Liberian ambassador to Taiwan. Read more
Typhoon Morakot Relief
After Typhoon Morakot in August 2009, The Family International in Taiwan pledged to do our part to help the survivors in the spirit of compassion and empathy. Read more